Cancer Surgeon in Nagpur

Cancer surgery

The surgical oncology department has a team of qualified and trained surgical and urologic oncologists for every aspect of surgical management for cancer patients. All types of cancer surgeries are done as per international standard in the state-of-art operation theatres. The surgical team is backed by a well equipped postoperative intensive care unit for smooth recovery of all patients. The surgeons have a close liaison with the medical and radiation oncology department and work as a team. The patient and family members benefit from a strong social support group of volunteers attached to this institute.

The surgeon performs the latest techniques in cancer surgery including organ and function preserving surgeries and laser surgery. Breast conserving surgery is performed and where this is not appropriate, breast reconstruction is offered to all patients.

Larynx preserving surgery is also performing in this institute. Radical prostate cancer and bladder cancer surgery is performed routinely on patients referred from all over the country. Some of the other services rendered are breast screening and early diagnosis, leucoplakia management, hematuria management, early prostate cancer diagnosis stoma rehabilitation, occupational therapy and speech rehabilitation.

Cancer Chemotherapy

The medical oncology unit follows the latest scientific protocols and has autologous bone marrow transplant facilities. Towards providing a holistic approach, the department also offers rehabilitation services including stoma rehabilitation, speech rehabilitation and occupational therapy. Realizing the importance of psychosocial support, there are counselors and volunteers to help patients throughout their treatment.


M.S. (Surgical Oncologist/ Cancer Surgeon),FAMS

Consultant Oncologist & Cancer Surgeon,